Why We Argue About Climate Change
Pub date: July 2013
RRP: $19.99
ISBN: 9781863956086
Imprint: Black Inc. Redback
Format: PB
Size: 198 x 128mm
Extent: 145pp

Why We Argue About Climate Change

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Why We Argue About Climate Change is the second book in the Redback series. The first is Battlers and Billionaires by Andrew Leigh.

A new perspective on a diabolical problem.

Climate change, one of the most polarising issues of our time, has reached a political deadlock in the battle of sceptics and believers. But it doesn't have to be that way. In Why We Argue about Climate Change, Eric Knight unpicks the misconceptions that keep us arguing about, and stop us seeing, the nature of the problem – and its solutions.

Why can't we learn anything about climate change from snowdrifts or scorching hot days? And whom should we listen to – scientists or politicians – to find answers? With optimism and clarity, Knight cuts through the distractions that surround the debate, arguing that wasteful consumption is nothing more than a red herring, while we have much to learn from China's frugal innovations in clean technology.

As politicians and commentators continue to squabble, Why We Argue about Climate Change is essential reading for those who want to solve the puzzle of climate change rather than argue about the weather.

This short book draws on, expands and updates chapters from Eric Knight's Reframe.

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Longlisted for the 2014 John Button Prize

Eric Knight

Eric Knight is the author of Reframe: How to solve the world’s trickiest problems. A former Rhodes scholar, he has worked as an economics consultant to the OECD, the UN and the World Bank and he has written for The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Drum, The Spectator and The Monthly